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Residential & Commercial

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Titan Landscaping works with commercial, residential, and government accounts. We offer full landscape maintenance services for each and every level of customer.

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Maintenance of lawns, trees, shrubs, irrigation, rock, and all other aspects of your yard or property.

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Pest Control

We have selected Titan employees that are certified in some pest removals and refer all other pest problems to Praying Mantis. We can take care of any pest problem you may be experiencing, whether it’s bees or wasps, rats, ants, or any other pest.

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Weed Spraying/Weeding

Full serving weed abatement and weed spraying offered, as well as pre-emergent and post-emergent services.

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Titan Landscaping has extensive experience in complete fire-wise cleanups for your property.

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Our irrigation techs have experience in every possible irrigation situation and can fix and maintain any system.

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We apply a layer of material to the surface of the soil to conserve soil moisture, improve fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth, and enhance the visual appearance of the area.

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Tree Spraying

Our sister company, Praying Mantis Pest and Weed Control, is very experienced with all tree pests/infections/problems. They can figure out what is causing the tree stress, and figure out the best solution for it.

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Year-Round Service

Titan Landscaping works year-round in every season. Each season brings its challenges, whether it’s snow, heat, leaves, or any other landscape issue, and Titan is there to take care of it.

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Tree Trimming

Our crew of expert tree members have experience in trimming all species of trees in Arizona. Our crews can trim your trees for aesthetic reasons, or potentially dangerous situations.

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Titan crew members are knowledgeable in the fertilization of plants and trees, and make sure fertilization occurs at the right time of the seasons for optimal plant and tree health and growth.

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Yard and large property clean-ups are our forte. Our crews are experienced in cleaning up and discarding any unwanted materials and making your property look pristine.

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Lawn Service

Seasonal mowing and trimming.

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Titan Landscaping has several types of mowers and equipment to take care of any mowing needs you may have. Seasonal Flowers Supplied and Installed.

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Rock Installation

If your space requires freshening up your existing rock or adding new rock to a new or existing space, Titan has much experience in this area. We will measure to make sure the correct amount of rock is ordered, and our expert installers will spread and rake it until it looks perfect.

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Aeration services are provided seasonally for the health and beauty of your lawn.

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